Step One: Preliminary Design

Once primary research has been conducted, and you have brought together all your ideas for what you want to see in the perfect home, we will start you on the road towards a property that is tailored to meet your lifestyle needs. 

We will meet with you directly to discuss your vision, and begin the first steps of translating your design into reality. We promise to ease the stresses that come with building while guiding you from the initial meetings to preparing detailed sketches that meet your approval. Estimates of costs will then be proposed once you are ready to move forward. 


Step Two: Planning Approval

We ease the pressures of building approval by meeting with local government planners to ask for advice on acceptable designs in the early stages.  Detailed information is required to lodge a planning application, so it is our goal to make sure the working drawings we present are ready for approval and minimise the number of changes made along the way. 


Step Three: Working and Structural Drawings

The next stage in the process is to convert the initial working sketches to finished structural drawings that specify the approved standards of your home. We then send these drawings to our subcontractors and suppliers in order to receive their quotations, which are based off your provisional sum (PS) and prime cost (PC) allowances. These actual quotations will then be gathered into one fixed price Construction Cost Quotation. 


Step Four: Completion

Your acceptance of the construction price quotation is the final step in the design process. We then submit the drawings to the Local Authority to obtain a building license so that we can start construction immediately. 

You will be introduced to our inspiring, passionate team who will assist you with the finer details such as interior decorating, lighting plans, furniture layouts and landscaping. It is our mission to ensure your building experience is a warm and welcoming one!